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 Boomerang in use in the driveway. (Click "Boomerang" text below-right to view video) Boomerang Plus in use at St. Mary's College NCAA Div. I program, Moraga, CA. (Click "Boomerang Plus" text below-right to view video)  

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Boomerang Basketball is the most innovative, forward thinking producer of basketball training systems worldwide. Pioneering products include three tiers of the Boomerang Portable Basketball Return System and the Boomerang Pass Back. Unrivalled by any other basketball training device in the world, the Boomerang Portable Basketball Return System is the world's most versatile, user friendly and effective basketball training aid.

Specifically designed to enhance the effectiveness of shooting practice, the Boomerang offers a vast array of different configurations helping create unique training drills. By encouraging optimum shot trajectory and returning both made and missed shots, the Boomerang allows many more shot attempts and helps develop muscle memory.

The Boomerang is available in 3 modular formats; the Boomerang Home (for Domestic/Home use), Boomerang and Boomerang Pro. Extra components can be added to the affordable domestic design, greatly adding to the functionality of the Boomerang. Simple to use, it is easily and quickly set up by one person in under 4 minutes.

Containing no mechanical or electronic components that can fail and constructed from highly durable materials that can be used outdoors, the Boomerang will give years of reliable service. Completely portable and lightweight, the Boomerang rolls away when not in use and can be fitted in the back of most station wagons.

With regular use of a Boomerang Basketball Return System, you can experience rapid and vast improvement in your shooting ability and take your offensive game to a new level.

"I use and strongly recommend the Boomerang to any player serious about taking their game to the next level and becoming a truly great shooter!"

Brian Goorjian
6 time NBL Championship winning Head Coach

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